Budgets, and what to expect when shopping for your wedding dress.

If your like me, you want the dress you are dreaming of and of course, value for your mula. I expect you are savvy when shopping. You girls are smart and have done your planning and research but what’s wrong with being even more prepared with my wedding budget guide below.

When you first started planning your wedding, did you do a budget plan? I really hope you have, I will assume so, these are the average break down in percentages of what to spend on what .

Wedding budget example

Budget wedding dresses

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Easy Ways to Incorporate Friends Into Your Wedding

You’ve had the wedding of your dreams in your head since you were a little girl. There’s just one small problem: all those demands from various family members to be included! We have put together some tips and easy ways to incorporate friends into your wedding.

If your parents insist that all of your cousins and step-siblings be included unless you want a huge bridal party here are great idea’s to keep your nearest and dearest feeling special, it’s easy for you to feel like there’s no room for the people you actually want in your bridal party. What’s a bride to do?

Jacqui and josh real brides weddings

Time to get crafty. Here are easy ways to include family members in your wedding without making them part of the bridal party.

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Why do I need emergency Wedding Day items

Be prepared with your emergency bridal kit. Most brides have at least one terrifying dream before they get married. Whether it’s showing up to the chapel in the wrong wedding dress, fainting at the altar, suffering the worst hair day on record, or getting in a fight with mum, we all have our own unique fears and insecurities. No wedding is perfect, and something is bound to go wrong. Reasonable expectations can help you manage this with style and grace. Rather than being reduced to a sobbing puddle of tulle.

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Wedding planning on a budget

August 10, 2019 / no comments

Budget Wedding: Keep It Simple and Save Money!

Let’s face it, planning a wedding and saving money usually don’t go hand in hand. From booking the venue to sourcing party favours for your guests, money plays a vital role in the success of your big day. Beware that seemingly small budget wedding can spiral out of control. If you need some tips on how to plan a budget wedding, read on.

According to Easy Weddings Australian Wedding Survey 2016, Aussies spent on average $30,985 on their wedding days. If you don’t have a cool $30k lying around, don’t worry just yet! There are plenty of ways to reduce that final figure. Here is some helpful tips I’ve learnt from some of our own brides to apply to save money on your big day.

How to organize a budget wedding.

  • Reduce the size of your bridal party
    So it’s your dream to have your three besties, sister, cousin and nail technician standing with you at the altar. If you’ve done your research you’ll know having a large bridal party means more money spent on hair, makeup, bridesmaids dresses, shoes, gifts and accessories. For those who can’t possibly see themselves with a smaller bridal party. Maybe suggest the idea of splitting the costs with your bridesmaids. I’m sure most of them will be willing to pitch in, even if it’s just for the dress and shoes.
  • How to save money on catering

  • Swap single serve dishes for share plates
    The traditional entree, main, dessert menu can certainly set you back a pretty penny, especially for those planning on having a rather sizeable guest list. Consider serving tapas style dishes that each table can share. This usually makes things easier for the catering company and might also encourage your guests to interact with one another.

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Leah’s Zen Wedding Day Tips

May 1, 2018 / no comments

Planning your wedding day can be one of the most stressful events of your life, so is only natural that on the big day you might be feeling a little (or a lot) of pressure. You are often so focused on making the day perfect, that you forget what your wedding is really all about. There seems to be a lot of strategies out there for dealing with pre wedding stress, but what should you be doing on the actual day?

Leah’s top wedding day tips to keep you Zen will make sure you enjoy your day, and don’t overload with stress!

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How To Travel With Your Wedding Dress

March 21, 2018 / no comments

How to Travel With Your Wedding Dress is very often treated as an afterthought and sometimes only remembered a few days before jetting off. As if you needed something else to stress about, right? It’s your big day, and everything needs to be PERFECT. So how do you keep your dress perfectly pressed up to the moment you walk down the aisle? We understand the struggle is so real when maneuvering in a car or on a plane with your precious dress, so we’ve put together a few top tips on How to Travel With Your Wedding Dress.

Most important things to note

The fabric of the dress is important to note. Ideally, you should hold up to the latest possible moment before you slip on your dress to avoid wrinkling, especially for materials like pure silk. Poly mixes, chiffon, jersey, tulle and lace hold up the best.

Clearly label your carry on with your name, email, phone number and address for both your home and destination.

Packing into a garment bag

  1. Keep your gown on the hanger and pull the hook through the garment bag’s top opening.
  2. Keep the train and skirt outside of the bag.
  3. Hang the gown facing you with the top half inside the bag.
  4. Take the dress’ bottom left and right sides and fold them into the center in a trifold. Note: sheath dresses may not need this step.
  5. Keep the two sides of the skirt folded and roll the train from the bottom until it is short enough to place in the bottom of the bag. Lace and other textured fabrics are less likely to show wrinkles. If you’re careful about how you fold and roll the train, there will be a lot less wrinkling and touch-up pressing needed upon arrival.
  6. Zip close the garment bag. Guide the zipper up to the top as you zip, with your middle finger behind the zipper. This protects any delicate beading, tulle or lace on your wedding gown from catching and ripping in the zipper.
  7. Lay the garment bag on a flat surface, and carefully roll it into a loose trifold.

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Questions to Ask Your Wedding Coordinator a helpful guide.

A wedding coordinator, sometimes known as a wedding planner, can take the hassle out of your big day, freeing you up to focus on being in love. But not all wedding coordinators perform the same functions, and a wedding planner might be a great idea if you work full time, have kids, planning a destination wedding or an extravagant wedding. Before you hire a planner for your special day, be sure to ask these questions:

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