Wedding dress alterations bridal gowns and bridesmaids

Leah S Designs offers an expert and affordable wedding dress alterations service to help you achieve the perfect wedding dress fit. Also, bridal party outfits altered.

Gowns can be taken in up to two sizes and let out to one size. Most likely you will need your dresses hemmed shortened.

Strapless gowns and deb dresses can also be fitted with straps to compliment your gown. Depending on the style of bridal gown you choose. Allow 2 or 3 fittings. Leah S Designs recommends fittings start 6 -4 weeks before your event.

What to bring to your gown fittings

You will need to bring your shoes to make sure your gown hemline is exactly the right length. If your dress touches the ground you will need your hem taken up.

Because, if you step on your hem the likelihood of tripping over is high. That’s not a good look for a bride. Your shoes will also dictate the bustle placement on a gown with a long train.

silk wedding shoes

Undergarments are also important as all bras will make your bust sit differently. So it is important to wear the one you will be wearing on the day.

Alteration Tip : If you are wearing a strapless bra check in the mirror that you have the right size. It shouldn’t cut into you anywhere. An ill-fitting bra can be the main cause of back fat.

Planning to wear magic pants or a corset on the day bring them too.

Alteration Tip: If magic pants are easy to get on they are not the right size.

Bridal Fabric Sales from

Looking for high quality bridal fabric? Perfect, if you want extra fabric to match your dress. Bridal Satin and Taffeta around $50 p.m. Lace from $80 p.m.

  • Taffeta White and Ivory
  • Lux Taffeta White and Ivory
  • S28 Bridal Satin White and Ivory
  • English (UK) tulle White and Ivory (the highest quality tulle for veils)
  • US Tulle White and Ivory
  • Dress Tulle White and Ivory
  • Organza White and Ivory
  • Chiffon White and Ivory
  • a range of lace and motifs.

bridal fabrics for wedding alterations

Petticoat Hire

Our petticoats are made from breathable cotton which not only holds the skirt out but has the added advantage with plus size wedding dresses of keeping the bride cool as it provides air flow under the gown. Especially good in the summer.

All petticoats have flexible wire rather than a solid hoop or plastic.

Hire of Petticoats are from $70, plus refundable bond $100 – $150

Petticoats can have either a draw string waist or a control top Lycra.

Sizes available:

  • Single hoop with or without tulle
  • Double hoop with or without tulle
  • Triple hoop

Mermaid petticoat

Your hoop size will need to be determined before the alteration begin too as this will affect your hem line. If you have purchased an off the rack and ready to wear wedding dress be it from our Melbourne bridal shop or online and your marriage is taking place quite soon.

Need alterations now. Give us a call, and we can organize your alterations ASAP.

Call Amy at Leah S Designs for a free quote on 87957515