Why we no longer allow photo’s in our bridal store.

In this day and age, camera phones are a way of life, I also love taking photo’s with my phone and it feels great looking back at memories. I know exactly where you are coming from, when you want to take photos trying on dresses to look a back on. This is why it was such a controversial decision to make. Ultimately I have made the decision not to allow photography in our store. Most of my brides are amazing and understand straight away.

I’m going to give some examples below,

of why we are no longer allowing photos in store. Imagine if you were selling, say a dress from your home. It’s a gorgeous dress, you designed it yourself and people are coming over to have a look at it. Try it on, maybe purchase it for an event.

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Wedding of the year

Oscar-winner George Clooney recently married human rights supporter Amal Alamuddin in a lovely wedding this past September. However, while most of the the buzz was about how romantic the wedding was. The question on everyone’s mind was. “Who designed her wedding dresses?” Alamuddin’s dress was designed by Oscar de la Renta. Her wedding gown featured a bespoke off-the-shoulder design with a soft texture made from French lace to create an elegant look. The final touches included hand-embroidered pearls, diamanté detail and a long train.

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How to have money left over from your wedding budget

When the love of your life finally gets down on his knee, all you can think of is the picturesque venue, the moment you walk down the aisle, and your gorgeous dress. But then, reality sort of brings you back to earth. Will it cost you an arm and a leg to get that beautiful wedding gown, this is when the frugal bride. Top tips on scoring the wedding dress of your dreams come in to account?

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